Meet our team, your team. Composed of professionals with Spanish and Chinese backgrounds, we excel not only in our specialized fields but also in intercultural communication. We're here to guide you hand-in-hand throughout your journey to success in the Chinese market.

Our team:

Gabriel (小西), an Audiovisual Professional specializing in photography and video. With over twelve years of residency in China, Gabriel has woven deep social and familial ties, marrying a Chinese woman and embedding himself within the local culture. His client roster includes Western and Chinese corporate giants, granting him unique insights into the aesthetic and cultural preferences of both. Gabriel’s extensive intercultural understanding led to his role as the first and only non-Chinese instructor at the prestigious Aliexpress University, where he guides Chinese companies on appealing to Western markets. He has also collaborated with Turespaña on the "Chinese Outbound Tourism" course, earning acclaim for his work. Now focusing on the tourism sector, Gabriel is poised to use his vast cultural and logistical expertise and his network to further strengthen the connections between China and the West.

Sucheng (俗称)Meet Sucheng, a distinguished figure in China's tourism industry, renowned for her expertise in designing and marketing travel experiences tailored for the Chinese market. With a deep understanding of creating outbound travel routes for Chinese tourists, Sucheng adeptly handles clients across diverse purchasing powers and preferences. Her skills in aligning tourism offers with current trends and demands, combined with a focus on quality and cultural relevance, position her uniquely. Her insight into post-pandemic travel trends further enhances her capability as the ideal guide for companies aiming to innovate in attracting Chinese travelers to Spain.

Evan (啊房)Meet Evan, an undisputed expert in social media, online marketing, and public relations within China. With a seven-year track record that includes collaborations with corporate giants like Geely Holding Group and Lynk & Co, Evan brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective. His Chinese citizenship and leadership in projects involving both Chinese and European teams for local and international markets grant him invaluable insights. Evan’s deep understanding of communication strategies, marketing, and social media in China positions him as an essential asset for any Spanish company aiming to engage Chinese tourists. With Evan on board, companies are poised to adopt innovative and effective strategies to thrive in the competitive tourism market.

Fanqi (范琦)Meet Fanqi, a seasoned Chinese language teacher with over 15 years of experience educating Westerners and collaborating with multinationals like Porsche and Bosch. Fanqi is profoundly knowledgeable about the cultural connections between China and Spain, a comprehension deepened by her marriage to a Spaniard. Fluent in Chinese, English, and Spanish, Fanqi possesses a unique capability to bridge the perspectives of Chinese tourists and Spanish companies. Her exceptional empathy and social skills allow her to discern the specific needs of Chinese tourists, developing effective and culturally sensitive strategies to engage them. Fanqi's insights make her an invaluable consultant, adept at ensuring the success of companies in the competitive market of Chinese tourism.

Sheldon (东少), a cornerstone of our team with over 20 years in the audiovisual field. His creative prowess spans a variety of projects, from wedding photography and video to corporate and travel productions. Sheldon's innovative approach consistently captures the essence of each moment. His technical expertise, combined with a profound understanding of the Chinese audience, enables him to produce content that not only attracts viewers but also resonates deeply, fostering lasting emotional connections. Sheldon's collaborations on projects for world-renowned brands like Geely, Porsche, and Louis Vuitton highlight his versatility and excellence in diverse contexts. His contributions are instrumental in elevating our tourism strategies, creating visual experiences that enhance engagement and interest in the destinations we showcase.

Ding Hui (丁晖): a seasoned expert with over two decades dedicated to web content creation, SEO, and sales strategies, specializing in the Chinese market. His extensive background includes founding and managing his own consultancy that aids foreign companies in entering the competitive Chinese e-commerce market. Ding Hui's distinguished career also spans a remarkable 12-year tenure at Alibaba, with two years leading the company's prestigious business school. His expertise is further enhanced by his education in IT and programming. This combination of deep market knowledge and technical acumen makes Ding Hui an invaluable ally for Spanish companies aiming to attract Chinese tourists. He offers not only profound market insights but also a unique strategic and technological perspective crucial for success in the tourism industry.