1.Strategic Consulting to help tourism businesses and governmental entities attract Chinese tourists. This includes evaluating the current situation and expectations of the client, providing advice, and crafting customized strategies to achieve the set objectives.

2.Adaptation of Tourism Offerings. Development of specific products or services tailored to the Chinese tourist and their language, cultural preferences, and needs to ensure the most satisfying experience possible. (For example, tours, activities, personal shopper services, etc.)

3.Gastronomy: This is a crucial aspect for Chinese tourists, and understanding their unique preferences will greatly enhance the experience.

-Parallel services in China:

Services we offer:

Our services are designed to facilitate not only a successful but also an enriching integration. Through our carefully crafted service catalog, we provide you with the tools and strategies to cross the bridge to success in China, ensuring that your brand communicates with resonance and authenticity.

1.Subsidiary Company Establishment: Necessary for opening an official account on Chinese social media platforms and useful for opening a business account in China, which will facilitate receiving and making service payments in the country.

2.Networking and Mediation: We have contacts throughout the Chinese tourism industry, including tourist agencies, hotel chains, insurance companies, etc. We connect you with the local partners you need and assist with communication.

3.Bank Account Opening: For certain procedures in China, it is mandatory to open a bank account in the country (e.g., receiving payments, paying accounting fees, office expenses, making purchases, etc.).

4.Legal Services Hiring: If you need any legal assistance in the Asian country, we help you find legal services and, of course, assist with communication when necessary.

5.Comprehensive Assistance in Office Setup in China: Opening an office in China can be a great option for many of our clients. We assist you throughout the process (searching for office space, contracts, hiring staff, managing visas, etc.).

6.Travel Assistance: If you wish to visit China for any matter related to your tourism business, we are here to help with whatever you need.

7.Purchasing Supplies for Your Business in China: If your business requires materials for its operation (e.g., a hotel chain needing amenities, televisions, merchandise, or anything else you can imagine), we have the necessary contacts to make purchases and arrange shipments.

1.Social Media Management in China and Content Creation: In China, each social network has a target audience. We help you choose the networks that best fit your needs, assist you in opening accounts, and manage them for you, including content creation if needed. We also support you in hiring and collaborating with Chinese KOLs and influencers.

2.Advertising Initiatives at the Source: Development and execution of marketing campaigns specifically targeted at the Chinese tourism market, including collaboration with Chinese travel agencies.

3.Participation and Representation at Fairs: Participation in tourism fairs and representation of clients at relevant events in China.

  1. Strategy Implementation: We ensure that the devised strategy is implemented correctly and completely.

  2. Ongoing Monitoring and Strategy Adjustment: Once the strategy is implemented, Silk Bridges offers continuous monitoring and adjustment based on feedback and results, and the current situation in the Asian country, to ensure the effectiveness of the actions undertaken.

1.Intercultural Training to optimize the experience of your Chinese visitors. We will train your employees on the cultural nuances of Chinese tourists, from their service and hospitality expectations to customs, gastronomic preferences, and taboos that should be avoided.

2.Language Courses designed to provide your staff with the necessary linguistic tools to communicate effectively with Chinese tourists. From basic to advanced levels, our curriculum will help make visitors feel genuinely welcomed and appreciated.


-Implementation and Monitoring:

-Training and development: